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Resource Guide for Finding Boise Attorneys and Services

Criminal Lawyers

An individual in Boise who is charged with criminal activities should seek help from a criminal lawyer. If you are being charged with a crime related to actives of DUI, fraud, theft, sex crimes, etc then contact a criminal defense lawyer who will represent your case before the courts.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers in Boise help both individuals and business that are dealing with critical levels of debt. There are multiple options available in the courts for dealing with unpaid debt and a bankruptcy lawyer is able to give you legal council on how to file for a bankruptcy plan that is well suited for your situation

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers in Boise will help resolve issues related to your marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union. If you have a family specific matter such as adoption, child abuse, or child custody then you need the council of a family law expert.

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured then seek the council of a personal injury lawyer in Boise. They will evaluate the injury and determine your legal rights with regards to wrongdoing as the result of a negligent person or agency.

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate lawyers in Boise will help you with transactional matters related to buying and selling property. This includes providing professional services for purchasing contracts, ownership disputes, zoning, environmental factors, lease agreements, and many other property specific issues.

Business Lawyers

Business lawyers in Boise specialize in providing your company with legal expertise in laws that pertain to running a business within the US. A business lawyer will offer you legal serves in dealing with contracts, business formations, acquisitions, and litigation.

Tax Lawyers

If you are being cited by the IRS for tax related problems then the best course of action is to contact a tax lawyer in Boise who understands tax law. While your accountant is trained to calculate your taxes based on specific tax codes, a tax lawyer is best suited to represent your case before the IRS and uphold your legal rights.


Many lawyers in Boise specialize in state specific estate laws. These professional will help you draft a legal document that defines how to distribute the wealth of your estate after you pass away and will ensures that your wishes are carried out effectively and in a manner that lesses high tax rates.

Civil Rights Lawyers

If you have been discriminated against for reasons related to ethnicity, age, gender, or other factors that are protected by the constitution then you need council from a practicing civil lawyer in Boise. Many of these lawyer will hear your case and provide a free assessment with regards to your best options in proceeding with a case.

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Tips for Finding a Lawyer in Boise

Hiring a lawyer in Boise is an important process. Be sure to research the specialties of the firm you are planning to hire and ask detailed questions about how they are qualified to handle your unique case.

  1. Check your lawyer's area of expertise. Know the strengths of the attorney you are about to hire.
  2. Review all fees in advance before committing yourself to their service.
  3. Choose an attorney who is supportive of your situation and willing to fight for your cause.
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